10 day trip to the Philippines

I am planning a 10 day trip to the Philippines. Can anyone recommend a local tour company?

I’ve never really used a tour company since I previously lived there. If you let me know what you’re interested in seeing and doing, I can give you a few tips. Here’s one.

  • Make sure you stay in a commercial area at the start and end of your trip. It’ll help you acclimatize and also decompress when all is said and done. Unless it’s a 3-day trip or less than a week, in which case you’ll have to go straight to where you want to spend most of your time in, such as the beach (ex. Boracay for relaxing, Palawan for ecotourism, Siargao for surfing, etc.).
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Thanks alot Anya.

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I’ll ask some friends who live there if they can recommend a tour company. Are you travelling with others or going at it alone? Is there a strict budget or are you willing to spend to see all you want to visit? Is this a cultural or adventure type of trip? Is there a comfort level you’d like to stick to or anything goes? For example, I’m the type who can stay in a hostel or someone’s couch but my husband is the hotel-if-we’re-not-staying-with-friends-or-family type.

Frankly, if you can just plan it yourself, it’ll save you money and you don’t have to strictly abide by someone else’s schedule. Whenever my husband & I travel to a place we’ve never been, he researches the heck out of the place and makes the necessary hotel and travel reservations and I’m in charge of things we can’t miss, events going on at the time we’re there and food we want to try.

Look up Makati CBD, Ayala Center and Bonifacio Global City to start if you want to do the stay-somewhere-safe route.

Of course, I’m blathering on and on but you might already have things planned out. I’m sorry I didn’t see your query earlier! Are you planning on meeting someone or is this an “I’ve always been curious about this country” visit?

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I cant recommend a tour company in the Phillippines and I’ve actually never been to those islands or indeed anywhere in Asia.

But I have a recommendation in terms of things to do (If you like wildlife / Nature that is ) , you could check out this project which I believe takes volunteers and visits. They work with the endangered Phillipine crocodile , a really beautiful species :


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