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I was mindlessly watching How It’s Made last week (that happens a lot) and caught a story on the construction of a pizza vending machine that makes pizzas as they are ordered. I’d keep my expectations low, but if I had a chance I’d sure try it out to see what happened.

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In NYC, outside the Sprinkles bakery, there’s a cupcake vending machine.


Just round the corner from where I live in Montpellier, France, there’s a 24/7 freshly-baked baguette vending machine for those midnight French bread emergencies. You can see it on Google Street View at 43 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, Montpellier.


Don’t know if it’s still there, but about 15-20 years ago, the Boise, Idaho airport had a French fry vending machine.

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Living in Switzerland, You won’t surprised that there is at least two Swiss Fondue Vending machines in front of local cheesemakers & milkeries… just because of these Sunday night emergencies.

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The Chubby Chipmunk in Deadwood, South Dakota, sells truffles to die for. Because people come from all around the country (we’re from Virginia and have made a 300 mile detour to get our truffle fix) and even Canada, and they’re not always open, they have a vending machine called the Chub-O-Matic on their front porch. It has specific instructions for when the temperature falls below 45 degrees.

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I was sent this by a relative in New York. I cannot confirm it. But I trust the Times.

A Retro Way to Buy Meat Thrives in a Modern Pandemic

Here is another article on it, with real photos:
From USA Today

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In Chavignol, France, there was a vending machine that dispensed Crottin de Chavignol, a cheese made from unpasteurized goat’s milk.

Cheese vending machine in the train station, Gstaad, Switzerland, 2018

This isn’t a food vending machine, but I thought it was unusual. In Coxsackie, NY

In the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi (which bills itself as the most luxurious hotel in the world) there is an ATM machine that dispenses gold bars.

In eastern North Carolina, near Aurora and the local ferry, there is a vending machine selling fishing tackle and frozen bait.

In Kaua’i there is a pie vending machine

In San Diego there is a book vending machine:
La Jolla Athenaeum Music & Art Library BOOK FOR A BUCK Frequent visitors to the... - Athenaeum Music & Arts Library | Facebook or
BOOK FOR A BUCK Frequent visitors to the... - Athenaeum Music & Arts Library | Facebook

Milk vending machines through out Europe. Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and the Netherlands to name just a few

In a small alleyway in Portland, Or “Where’s The Art” “24 hr Church of Elvis” vending machine had a cult following. Late night marriages, psychic readings and elaborate art installations mechanically came to life with a coin and spit out prizes and weirdness like a gumball machine. I may still have my Elvis marriage certificate (Although I’ve no idea to whom I was betrothed).

When in France a couple of years ago, we saw a hot pizza vending machine in Le Puy-en-Velay. Sold by the slice. We were returning to our hotel from dinner, but I regret to this day that I didn’t try it.

Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas: Champagne vending machine

In the village of Budoia, Pordenone Province, Italia, on a small dairy farm is a vending machine that dispenses several kinds of cheese, cream & milk.

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