“11 Themed Eateries to Indulge Your Secret Obsessions” Discussion Thread

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I’d love to see you add The Seven Dwarfs (a Snow White–themed eatery in Wheaton, Illinois) and The Blue Box Cafe in Elgin, Illinois, which is Dr Who–themed.



Alice’s Teacup in NYC.
There is a new Harry Potter - themed restaurant in Freeport, Maine.

There’s a tech-themed restaurant in Chantilly, VA called Megabytes Eatery that showcases old computer parts as its décor and you can even play retro video games on a TV monitor in a corner. The food is Asian fusion and really tasty. They are only open on weekdays from 7am-3pm but it’s worth a visit! Look at the second link below for the 360° view - you’ll get a good feel of the place.

360° view

Quite a few in Mexico City, too. Incantatum is probably the best-known one, and not bad. Fairly standard burgers-and-fries fare, with cocktails as their strength. El Caldero Chorreado (The Leaky Cauldron) is often considered to have been the one that started it all.

Pop culture-themed restaurants are surprisingly uncommon considering Mexico’s obsession with it. The most numerous ones seem to be those themed to bullfighting.

There’s a chain of restaurants in Japan with a poop theme called Modern Toilet. :poop::poop::poop:https://www.ozy.com/good-sht/this-toilet-themed-restaurant-is-not-for-the-faint-of-stomach/87144/

Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik!


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SafeHouse in Milwaukee, if espionage is your game.