"20 Out-of-This-World Stargazing Spots" Discussion Thread

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If you have a desire to touch the stars, drive through Montana in the middle of the night on a convertible with the top down on a crystal clear night. I did this many years ago for the first time and was amazed; this is when I totally understood the state motto Big Sky Country.

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If you are looking for dark skies to view the stars or do astrophotography, look no further than the San Simon Valley in the Bootheel of New Mexico.

We have Bortle 1 skies here. In the valley there is 3 small towns - Rodeo & Animas, NM and Portal, AZ. There have to be at least 100 privately owned observatories here. People come from all over to view the night skies. Some bring their campers and others rent a home. They bring their telescopes and enjoy the dark skies OR spend a week or two photographing the stars/moon/nebula etc.

My husband & I own a small house & an observatory in the valley that we rent out when we are not here for 6 1/2 months.

It’s a great place to view the night sky.

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Mauna Kea would be a wonderful add to this list, but given the current controversy going on there, it might not be OK to visit at this time.

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Siding Springs Observatory, central west of New South Wales, Australia.

It’s about 160 KM / 100 miles north of Dubbo (good sealed roads). It’s a big country out there, but Dubbo has everything you need (including the world renowned Western Plains Zoo).

FWIW, about 90 minutes south of Dubbo is Parkes and the Parkes Observatory (a Radio telescope) that has played a large part in space history, from tracking the first interplanetary space mission, Mariner 2, as it flew by the planet Venus in 1962, to it’s part in the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 (The fictional film ‘The Dish’ was based on the real role that the Parkes telescope played in receiving video footage of the first Moon walk).

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The Sphinx Observatory in the Swiss alps.

Besides being the highest observatory in Europe, it not only offers views of the sky, but also of the stunning alpine landscape below it.

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