7 days Trip To Paris

Hello everyone,
I am planning a 7 days trip to Paris with my friends. Can you people suggest me places to visit in Paris? Also if someone can suggest a travel agency that will be great. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your suggestion Akash35 :slightly_smiling_face:

Last time I was in Paris I stayed in the 11th Arrondissement and I loved it! Less touristy and so many great restaurants.

I’m a big eater and I heartily recommend the following spots:

  • Aux Deux Amis (quel charme!)

  • Clown Bar (if you want to eat brains…I did…they were delicious if you eat them with your eyes closed)

  • Septime Cave (I could sit at that bar all night eating cheese, drinking wine, and speaking TERRIBLE french with locals)

Have a great time!


I thought the Louvre was amazing, though crowded and overwhelming, but the Orsay was wonderful. If you can’t do both, go to the Orsay. Notre Dame is not going to be accessible for a while, but Chartres Cathedral is equivalent or better (without the crowds). I’d choose Fontainebleau over Versailles, or vist Vaux-le-Vicomte. Both are beautiful and historic, without being so crowded or overwhelming. I haven’t been on a catacombs or underground tour, but its on my list!

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Seven days in Paris? Lucky you! Here are some suggestions of places I love, although please look them up before you go since it’s been awhile since I was in Paris:

  • L’Atlas: A Moroccan restaurant where the meat on the tajine falls right off the bone. Pair it with a visit to the nearby Institut du Monde Arabe

  • La RĂ©serve de Quasimodo: A tiny, old cafĂ© by Notre Dame. Make sure you don’t end up accidentally at a tourist trap Quasimodo! (This happened to my friends.) There’s one cook and one server. Despite my life long vendetta against lettuce, I recommend the goose neck salad or chevre chaud salad.

  • Rosa Bonheur: A cafĂ© in Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Relaxed during the day; more dance-y on certain evenings. The trick is going at a time when it will be fun but not so crowded that the line to get in is too long.

  • Le Loir dans la theiere: A grungy-cute tea place in the Marais. The quiches are good if you want to go for lunch, but the best is to go mid-afternoon and get their deal for tea and a pastry. Pray that they have the monstrous lemon-meringue the day that you go.

  • L’As du Falafel: The most popular falafel in Paris. Take it to go and walk to a nearby park or Place des Vosges. There’s always a line, but they feed you falafel while you’re in line.

  • Caveau des Oubliettes: A small jazz club with a tiny downstairs area that you reach via a trapdoor

  • Picnic on Pont des Arts: During warm weather, Parisians picnic along the Seine. Buy wine, baguette, cheese and set yourself up. This pedestrian-only bridge by the Louvre is a popular spot.

  • La MosquĂ©e de Paris: Drink tea or smoke hookah at the mosque’s cafe

  • Shakespeare and Company: Make sure you go upstairs and read a book by the window in this classic bookstore

  • Louvre at night: Avoid the crowds by looking up the night the Louvre stays open late!

Oh and the Rodin Museum is lovely on a sunny day!

This, to me, is the absolute Atlas Obscura must-see in Paris:

These spots are also very highly recommended, and unlike other Paris attractions, you and fellow Atlas Obscurians are likely to be the only ones who know they even exist.

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If you’re able to climb about 100 stairs, then you simply MUST go through the catacombs. Simply unbelievable.

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I loved the catacombs, but steel yourself if you’re even the slightest bit claustrophobic, it’s a real doozy. I ended up singing silly songs to calm myself on the way down, which made some random lady far out of sight laugh. She got me.

Hi ! Lived in Partis for a few years and here are some spots I remember:

  • The walk of the Canal Saint Martin from Republique to la Villette (locals do activities like petanque, canoe, picnic…).
  • The Cour Damoye in Place de la Bastille, with a tea shop that an old lady used to manage.
  • The Boulange-Patisserie Poilâne, near the Buttes-Chaumont park, has the best bread and pastry in the city. The park itself is also one of the most beautiful.
  • MarchĂ© des Enfants Rouges, and ancient street food market close to Republique.
  • The flea market in Saint-Ouen and the bar La Chope des Puces, where Django Reinhard used to play.

For night events I would recommend:

  • Cabaret Sauvage, a concert venue with great program.
  • L’Alimentation GĂ©nĂ©rale for live music dancing.

all great suggestions - but what do you like to do…
Paris in one week - wow
suggestion -Louvre is overcrowded and with moving the Mona Lisa to a different location it makes it even more difficult; the museum requests that you buy your ticket in advance and online; i think that is a great idea.
500 years of Leonardo da Vinci brings additional crowds.
and don’t forget the yellow vests will began to convien once the holiday are over.

What a wonderful trip. Some of my tips are:

Take a day off and just walk. Paris is so stunning and full of secular buildings and shops, you will have a blast.

Go to the Louvre at night, as well as the Eiffel Tower.

Definetely go to the Catacombs, but MAKE SURE to buy advance tickets, or the line can be hours long.

Don’t be afraid to make all the touristy routes. They ARE gorgeous and worth it (if you get a Paris Museum Pass. The lines will ruin your day otherwise).

But the most beautiful thing you might see in your whole entire life is Mt. Saint Michel. It can be done in a day trip, and it’s so damn worth it. I did that with my mom and everytime we look back to that trip, Saint Michel is what pops up the most in our memories. More memorable than the Tower or the Mona Lisa. It’s true history you can be a part of.

Visit the catacombs under Paris! One of my favorite things I did in Paris. Highly unusual and quite incredible. A must!