"7 of Scotland’s Most Enchanting Standing Stones" Discussion Thread

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You missed the stones near Culloden which inspired the story “Outlander”


You missed the Clava Cairns/standing stones outside of Inverness.

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The Clava stones are the ones near Culloden. The country is full of incredible standing stones and stone rings in the Highlands and the North east of Scotland such Tomnaverie Stone Circle, Tarland, Aberdeenshire. Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. , Lochbuie Stone Circle, Isle of Mull. Macleod’s Stone, Isle of Harris. Kinnell Stone Circle and many many more. Ancient first known as Brochs and the mysterious Pictish Symbol stones as well as Chambered cairns across Scotland particularly in Caithness and in the South at the spectacularly located Cairnholy chambered cairn with its impressive dolmen snd stones . Scotland is an extremely ancient country with a wealth of historical monuments that stretch back into the mists if time from Castles standing stones to burials snd caves as well as a wealth of interpretation.

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I visited the Kilmartin Glen, which has some fabulous standing stones as well as rock art, cairns, cysts, all aligned along a long valley.

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I think the setting is a little more spectacular than the stones, but Glengorm Castle on Mull, a wonderful B&B accommodation, has its own 4,000 year old

stone circle. The grounds are on the north coast where wonderful sunsets can be seen, silhouetting the islands of Rum and Laig to the north.

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Something to investigate is the several types/styles of stone constructions in Scotland. The islands have mostly true standing stones, as listed in The List. The area to the east of Inverness has mostly Four-Poster constructions. Aberdeenshire (or further south?) is famous for Recumbent circles. There are little rings of colorful stumpy stones. It’s interesting that a landscape as small as Scotland’s can hold so many kinds of local styles!

I liked the story, don’t know the criteria for narrowing down the list but there are quite a few throughout Scotland. Just in Aberdeenshire there are quite a number. Here’s 10 - 10 of the best Stone Circles in Aberdeenshire » VisitAberdeenshire, One my wife and I have visited is here - Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle » VisitAberdeenshire. In the town just down off the main road there is also a Pictish carved stone.

Perhaps too simple but … there’s the namesake (but not likely the first) – the “Rudston{e}” at Rudston in Yorkshire.

The Nether Largie/Temple Wood should be included in your list. It is an entire stone-age landscape.


Nether Largie standing stones, Kilmartin Glen.

Torhouse stones in Wigtownshire: Torhouse - Wikipedia

Here is an image of Mull’s Lochbuie stone circle.

Kinda baffled by all the people posting “You missed the ones at Inverlochgormless!” or wherever. The article says right there in the first sentence: There are standing stones “throughout Scotland” and here are 7 examples. Not “every example.” Nothing is “missing.” Sheesh ;D

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