"7 YouTube Channels for the Stay-at-Home Food Adventurer" Discussion Thread

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Catch n Cook California is a great channel. It’s got everything from foraging for plants, shellfish, spear fishing, hunting, and survivalist skills, and the dishes they make always look amazing.

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Hey, thanks so much! I’ll for sure check it out. I’m definitely interested in more fascinating cooking channel suggestions, since I’d love to do a follow-up to this article.

While the quality of the channel has unfortunately devolved into overly cheesy, massive click-bait recipes, Almazan Kitchen started off really strong. It’s based out of Serbia and features a guy cooking rustic local or American dishes outside. There’s no dialogue, but you can hear the knife chopping ingredients or a nearby stream bubbling. Sometimes there’s a dog!

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Two more YouTube cooking channels I’d add to the list.

AlmazanKitchen (one word) is outdoor cooking, usually done in the woods by a creek. The chef, whose face you rarely see, prepares a dish or meal from scratch and cooks it over a fire or gas burner. There’s no narration, only the sounds of nature and cooking.

Townsends is 18th century cooking using settings, recipes and prep/cooking methods true to the era. The chef is active in larping , and he and any other participants dress in period costumes. You get dishes served with a side of history about their origins.

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I was just about to suggest AlmazanKitchen, too!

Whats4chow.com is very interesting with not only cooking but baking, fermentation and other food methods. Each video has a link to the recipe that you can print and to the website whats4chow.com