72 places to see in Portugal

I just finished reading this article with great interest; my wife & I made our first (but not last) visit to Portugal a couple of years ago, and by my count visited 55 or 56 of these “must see” spots. Despite numerous trips to Europe over the years, Portugal always evaded us. Perhaps the proximity to Spain (we aren’t big fans), not sure. We got a fantastic deal on a month long trip with a car and apartment in Albufiera, we drove thousands of km. Visiting small, out of the way places.
What an Amazing country! History at every corner, beautiful scenery, wonderful people & incredible food. The Posadas, located all over the country, are THE places to stay; most are built within historic properties, convents, monasteries & castles. Elegant, historic, diverse, they’re unbelievable value. On average a night in a Posada equates to a night in a Holiday Inn in North America.
The Algarve, Lisbon and the Atlantic coast are wonderful, the true gems lie further north. Porto, the Douro River Valley & Port vineyards, Monsanto, the stone house…all do NOT miss spots. Great highways (plenty of toll roads, though), fantastic espresso at every gas station, and Nata’s, the national treat; egg custard tarts…amazing!
HIGHLY recommend a visit!


Thanks for the great recommends @waynereimer!

Waynereimer, thanks very much for the Portugal post. Our stories are somewhat similar. I too have been to Portugal only once, but like you, will be returning. I visited the Algarve in the mid-80’s and never forgot the beauty, people, food/wine, and the relatively low costs of it all. I also stayed in Albufiera. We had flown into Madrid, and rented a car, with the Algarve as our destination. Being a retired Air Force navigator, I was thrilled to visit Sarges (Portugal’s version of Land’s End). That’s where Magellan taught celestial navigation skills to his students. Unlike you, I did not make it to the other beautiful spots up north - Porto, Lisbon, or the Douro River. But trust me, it is on my short list, as I prepare to assume the role of Expat. I have not yet decided on which country will be my summer home, but Portugal is very high on the list. I’ll make my first exploratory trip this fall, checking out southern Italy.

You’re most welcome! As beautiful as the Algarve is, I don’t know I could deal with the “resort” aspect all the time. Lisbon is a nice city, but both my wife and I vastly preferred Porto and area. More mountainous, and the villages scattered all around were all delightful. Monsanto is just amazing; houses built on, under, beside & IN hollowed out granite boulders…something you’d expect in a Tolkien story, not in real life. The only negative about life in Portugal that we identified was electricity costs. We stayed several days in an AirBnB, an apartment in Porto. It was this time of year, so it was quite cool, and they don’t have furnaces. We were left to stay warm with a butane heater, since electricity was ridiculous; a 2 bedroom apartment with a single occupant average 1500 Euros/month, and in some area like the northeast, and in Lisbon, it was much higher again. Do try to stay in some Posadas; you’ll love them

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@waynereimer … We find that electricity prices in Portugal very similar to what we pay at home here in Ireland. Research shows we pay equivalent of c.$0.26 per kW/H at home and c.$0.31 in Portugal. We don’t regard this as excessive. In fact for €1500 pcm, you should be able to rent a 2bed apartment in Lisbon or Oporto, not just heat it.