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It is not easy being a large white man on the Seoul subway. I found I was frequently bumped into and run over, even on an almost empty platform. A Korean co-worker said I was just imagining it and had an “American sense of personal space” until he watched me from and overhead platform. As I stood in one spot, not moving, I was repeatedly bumped by men and women of all ages, but especially older people. He admitted that he saw some people deliberately change course to run into me. The older people weren’t just mean on the platform. After I broke several toes, I had a hard time standing for long commutes. Once I made the mistake of sitting in a spot reserved for handicapped, elderly, etc. I got on early, and the train was lightly occupied. As soon as I sat down an elderly women came over and began yelling at me. I had on one of those protective shoes, so it was obvious I was injured, but the woman kept yelling at me until a younger person got up from one of the regular seats and offered to let me move. The woman who had yelled at me very deliberately sat in the space I left, even though there were several other open spots in the same section.

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You missed New Jersey. All of it.


It’s not as well rounded as this AO list since it’s just place names and not places that are themselves obnoxious, but on a smaller scale, there’s the book, “Rude Britain: The 100 Rudest Place Names in Britain”.
“Nether Wallop” is my personal favorite.

What do you think is driving this? Racism or the fact you are a large person?

For me, one experience was at coffee shops at Amsterdam airports. Employees would not give me change back and one of them straight said to my face "You wouldn’t offer change if I was in your country would you? "

What seems to be driving this thread now is a semantic issue where people take “rudest places” for the “rude” that means impolite.

Anyone who reads the original list however, can tell that the intention was to discuss the rudest places for that “rude” that means vulgar, scatological.

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Yeah @linkogecko, that’s what I took it to mean! (The alternative is a bitter and negative can of worms that’s liable to end up even angrier and more offended/offensive than the most divisive of social media forums!) :cold_sweat::no_mouth:

I was thinking about the sculpture of a raised middle finger in Milan, the sculpture of two figures peeing in an outline of Czechoslovakia and the statue of Molly Malone in Dublin.

Also, sadly, the statue of Juliet at Casa di Giulietta in Verona is now a monument to commercialised sexual harrassment and I’d personally add that to a list of rude places. (More that self-entitled, touchy-feely tourists are the rude ones and not the statue/site itself!)

Cockburn Street in Edinburgh (inexplicably pronounced Co-burn) makes me wince and think of this classic at the same time: https://youtu.be/ZmbxinvLONE

In staid old Vienna, Austria, a very Catholic place if ever there was one, is Stefansdom, the city cathedral. On the front facade of Stefansdom are matching sculptures – one of a penis and the other of a vulva. No, not kidding. Here’s a link to them: External organs

Enjoy (or not, as the spirit moves you :slight_smile:

Half Hell, North Carolina

Here is the wikipedia page: Half Hell, North Carolina - Wikipedia

The Glory Hole - a little street in Lincoln, UK

Missinh feom the list are: Dildo; Hibbs Hole; and Come-by-Chance. They are ALL in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.:joy: