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These so-called NEW clouds are the product of the ongoing chemical experiment globally known as “geo-engineering”…if that statement hurts anyone’s feelings just think what it’s doing to your children & loved one’s…watch this for some great historical back round on this genocide…The Lies in the Skies Exposed | FrankenSkies

If you are inspired by the article, you can contribute cloud observations to a NASA citizen scientist project Get the App - GLOBE.gov


Be sure to read up on clouds and weather. I’ve read David Ludlum’s book on weather which was part of the Audubon Society’s series of guidebooks. I’ve also consulted books by Storm Dunlop, Alan Watts, John Day and Louis Rubin. Eric Sloane did many paintings of clouds and weather–one of them he did was on display at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC when it first opened. There are lots of images of clouds and weather online as well. Spot, photograph, paint, learn, explore, discover!! Watching the clouds and weather can be a very fun hobby!!! (I’ve been doing it for over 50 years–most of my life.)

I have been a GLOBE Observer for several months. I retired at the end of December and have even more time to devote to the work. I do mostly cloud observations, but a lot of tree observations, too.

The Cloud Spotter app is an excellent resource, good pictures, descriptions and you can share what you see with the community and find out if what you think you are seeing is right. It’s lots of fun!