A new AO podcast?

I saw in the email that AO is looking at starting a new podcast. Can we know more??

Who will host? What’s the format? I’ve loved your podcasts in the past, I only wish there were more of them!

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Hi Dan, thanks so much for asking! Your timing is perfect; we just made an updated announcement this morning:

Daily episodes should be available in about two weeks. Enjoy!

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I ask and I receive! I should start a thread asking about free EXPERIENCES vouchers! :slight_smile:


Great! I like listen to podcasts especially about travelling and interesting places!

On an episode of the podcast this week, @jonathancarey and @Michelle_Cassidy talked about the kind of places AO looks to highlight, making it clear that the Eiffel Tower and other major “sights” are not the focus (although details and stories about them might be):

Which leads me to something that was brought up mainly on the thread below:

So that begs the question: is there any reason why the entries for world-famous sights like Sagrada Familia, Alcatraz and even the Hollywood sign have not been addressed? Am I missing something and the entries actually highlight obscure facts or stories?

If organized by “most visited”, you can see that they’re amongst the entries that theoretically have had more than double the amount of visitors than interest:


Hey @linkogecko! This is a good question, thanks for asking.

There definitely are a few places in the Atlas that lean more towards the element of “wonder” than “hidden.” Many of those entries are from the earlier days of AO but some, like Rukuon-ji Temple, are more recent. When we do publish entries about well-known places, we try to make sure that they’re focused on an unusual element or lesser-known element of their history (e.g. the Hollywood Sign was supposed to be a temporary installation that became permanent).

We think and talk a lot about what it means to be an Atlas place, and try to be mindful about what we consider common knowledge—something that feels totally obvious to one person might be brand new to another.

That said, some of the entries that you mentioned do feel a little out of place at this point. We’re reviewing the place entries for well-known sights, and plan to revamp any that don’t currently focus on a specific detail or hidden history. I’ve got a list going, and have made sure all the places you mentioned here are on it!

I always saw it as places that an average tourist would be surprised by. I think that literally everyone knows the Eifel tower, but I doubt that anyone outside of the Netherlands heard of the Euromast or anyone outside of Sweden heard of the Vasa ship etc.

Sure if you do research before you leave you will find that before other places, but in that case it becomes very hard to draw a line properly. Like for me almost all of my places come from lower pages on trip advisor or ‘things to do in…’ Google searches in the local language. It takes me about 1h to find 5-10 AO worthy places in any city that I visit (and gets progressively more difficult after that), but I sincerely doubt that many people do this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that it also helps people to check what’s around the spots that they want to visit anyways.

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Just listened to yesterday’s episode and I’d like to thank @jonathancarey for the shout-out regarding the Hercules sculpture. It is much appreciated, and I’m glad to know this cheeky bear’s story struck a chord with you.

If the Places team ever want to reach out to me regarding details about places I’ve submitted, please don’t hesitate to do so. For Scotland, even though I’m not a native, I’d do my best to assist with some tricky pronunciations, etc.

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