Abandoned Luten Arch Bridge

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We couldn’t find it today = /
I am thinking we were on the wrong side of the highway.
The address listed - 555 Martha Berry Hwy - is this the location of the abandoned house? There were trucks coming down the driveway today, and there is a sign for an alarm system as well (no longer empty??). Is the old bridge on the same side as #555, or is it across the highway? Looks like we’ll have to try again another day…

Hi Cyndyl,

It’s on East side of the highway. The address is just as close as I could get it given that the bridge doesn’t actually HAVE an address. The abandoned house is on the East side of the road as well and is just a little South of it…maybe an 8th of a mile or so. The abandoned house drive will give you access to the pipeline trail that is back in the woods behind the house.

The best way to find the old bridge is to pull off the road at the new highway bridge over the creek and walk out into the middle of the new bridge and look back along the creek towards the East. You’ll definitely see it in the winter, but it’s harder in the summer due to all the leaves. Once you’ve figured out exactly where it is, you can either hike in from the highway (I’ve never gone this way) or use the old house to access the pipeline trail and then hike into the woods from there.

Hope that helps