Abandoned Luten Arch Bridge

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We couldn’t find it today = /
I am thinking we were on the wrong side of the highway.
The address listed - 555 Martha Berry Hwy - is this the location of the abandoned house? There were trucks coming down the driveway today, and there is a sign for an alarm system as well (no longer empty??). Is the old bridge on the same side as #555, or is it across the highway? Looks like we’ll have to try again another day…

Hi Cyndy,
If you’re heading towards Summerville Ga from Rome look for the sign changing to Chattooga Co. once you see that start slowing down as soon as you see the next bridge on the right side of the highway park right before it, you will see a road leading in the woods… walk down that short path there you will find it. 20211211_100944|690x310