Abandoned Redbird

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This particular R33 redbird car was never really assigned to the (7) Flushing Line. It was assigned mainly to the (2) & (5) Lines out of the 239 Street Yard. This particular car along with its electrical mate 9074 was sorted-out because someone wanted to convert 9074 into a diner in Smithtown, Long Island, but couldn’t find the huge space of 51" x 8" required to accommodate same. 9074 was reefed off the coast of Florida in March 2008, while 9075 (the last GE equipped car of this series) was donated to the Queensboro Hall for use as a static display to signify the importance that these redbird cars’s history in the Boro of Queens. These cars were assembled into married pairs when built back in the early 1960’s.


It’s not quite correct to call it a “field,” as if it were in the middle of remote farmland. It’s the lawn of Borough Hall in a very busy part of Queens, across from the courthouse, the District Attorney’s Office, and high-rise apartment and commercial buildings.

a 40 min subway ride is pretty normal for a native new yorker. also, its a good chance to go check out dani’s pizza.

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I seem to remember that the reason why these cars stayed in service as long as they did was that the IRT tunnels had very tight curves that were too sharp for standard length cars.