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Tanzania wildlife Migration

The Tanzania Wildlife Wildebeest Migration.

This is a write up on the Migration currently happening in Tanzania.

March - The Wildebeest have been giving birth to Wildebeest Calves in February and now the calves are strong enough to start the Trek north. The wildebeest are now around the Naabi Plains trekking towards the central Serengeti

April - The Wildebeest will be spread around the Central Serengeti and Eastern namiri Plains.

May - The Wildebeest will continue moving towards the Western Serengeti with other herds around the eastern Serengeti

June - The herds move norths through the Ikoma and into the northern Serengeti Kogatende area. The Eastern herds are moving towards the Bologonja area and Sand River.

July - The herds cross the Mara River into the Lamai Wedge and Mara Triangle in Kenya.
The Eastern herds cross the Sand River into the Posee plains Central of the Masai Mara.

August - More and more herds cross the Mara River at Northern Serengeti and the Mara River in Masai Mara.

September - More and more herds Crossing the Mara River at Kogatende and along the Mara river in Masai Mara, Kenya. (The herds are in Masai Mara Plains for the Rut (Mating)

October - The herds start slowly moving south back towards the Northern Serengeti and the Journey south starts.

November - The herds cross the Western Serengeti and into the central Seronera Valley

December - The herds converge south of the Serengeti area towards the Moru and Rongai area South of Serengeti

January - The herds move south west of the Serengeti towards the Lake Ndutu ready for the Calving season

February - The Herds move into the Lake Ndutu plains and the Calving season starts where they drop about 8,000 Calves daily.

This is a summarized migration cycle of the Wildebeest herds between Kenya and Tanzania. You can read more at my blog Wildebeest Migration Tanzania Kenya