Acadian Summer Savory

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Actual summer savory is not just a Mediterranean herb; it is (and has been) known and used for centuries throughout Europe. In Germany it’s called Bohnenkraut (literally translated: “bean herb” owing to its affinity for that vegetable–among many others.

I never make a pot of beans without Summer Savory. Green Beans, too.

Right–I actually MEANT green beans! (My mom grew up in Germany, and despite being swept up—like everyone else—in the “great culinary tsunami” that began in the 1960s, and despite her fluent, accent-free English, she somehow never thought to check a bilingual dictionary for Bohnenkraut—and never knew of or used Summer Savory! (Only after I Googled it fairly recently did I finally “get it”!:smiley:

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It is also indispensable, i find, in puttanesca & pizza sauce. Also, especially the young pre-flowering-stage leaves are deliciously incorporated into salad dressings.

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