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Songs about places can often transport you to specific spots and times in your life, even songs about places you’ve never been. In other words, they can be emotional. We recently asked our readers to tell us about their favorite songs about a place, and we got an overwhelming response. We rounded up some of our favorite into a Spotify playlist, that you can check out here:

But we want more! Tell us about your favorite song about a place in the comments below, or better yet, post a link, and tell us what it means to you! Either way, let’s jam!


Under The Bridge, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s a love song, tinged with melancholy, because it commemorates terrible memories associated with place. I feel that way about my hometown, Wollongong. I had a terrible time growing up there, and yet it will never leave me as long as I live. We carry our roots with us.


Oof, “Under the Bridge” really is a prime L.A. song.


Did anyone say “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay” yet because everytime I go to San Francisco I belt it


Best song ever written.


I’ve always enjoyed the love letter (of sorts) to traveling through South America.


The whistling section has been on loop all day!


I’m not from Ohio but the emotion of “My City Was Gone” by The Pretenders is something I feel all too often.


I have an entire Spotify playlist called Maps

“Save Me, San Francisco” by Train. I’ve only been to SF three times, but that song somehow perfectly reminds me of my experiences there.
“Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)” by Dan Fogelberg. Incredible storytelling, and echoes the bleak, wideopen spaces.
“Little Rock” by Collin Raye and “Austin” by Blake Shelton – Unabashed heartstring-pulling country music. “Little Rock” especially is about small-city heartbreak and possible redemption.
“Champaign, Illinois” by the Old 97s
“Hills of West Virginia” by Phil Ochs – Every playlist should have Phil Ochs. EVERY playlist.
“Descartes in Amsterdam” by Dave Nachmanoff – If you have never listened to any Dave Nachmanoff, you have missed something in life.
“Return to Tunguska” and “Chomolungma” by Alan Parsons – from Parsons’ “A Valid Path” CD, the album where he went full techno on us.
“Indianapolis” by The Bottle Rockets – You’re broke, you’re stuck in a truckstop on the southwest side of Indianapolis, and your truck is busted. This is the soundtrack.
“Canada’s Really Big” by The Arrogant Worms – Damn, these guys are funny.
“Birmingham” by Amanda Marshall – The second saddest example of an artist destroyed by the music industry. Oh, and the song’s great.
and, of course,
“The Rocky Road To Dublin” by The Dropkick Murphys


“America” by Simon and Garfunkel


One Great City, by the Weakerthans

Really an ode to my hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I hate to break it to you, but City of New Orleans isn’t about the city, but about a train named ‘City of New Orleans’.


Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Snake Farm


“City Of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman, performed by Arlo Guthrie, about a train of that name traveling across America.


“Don’t Go Back To Rockville” by REM. I grew up in Rockville, and life there ain’t bleak like Michael Stipe portays it, but it’s more about him hoping his girlfriend won’t leave him and go back home to there, so I feel ya, Michael. :wink:


Dishonorable mention: “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John. One of the only songs of his that I just can’t stand. So dorky. WTF. :thinking:


Good point.


I cannot find the Spotify playlist. Is it posted yet?


You can find the playlist embedded in the article above, or at this link:

I hope that helps!


What about Vienna, by Billy Joel? The best song about a city, in my opinion. It’s about letting go of your problems, and anxiety about the future, not wanting to grow up too fast and enjoy life while it’s happening. So go do all of it in Vienna.