Add to Our Playlist of the Greatest Songs About Places!



They Might Be Giants’ John Linnell put out a disk of State Songs back in 1999. Its excellent.

Also: Rhode Island is Famous For You.


Uh hello, The Girl From Ipanema. How could any list be without this classic.


What a great list! From the specific to the hint of locations.

From my childhood, and only because I lived near the cities, is Jan and Dean’s “Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamong Sewing Circle and Timing Association.”


Kembara - Nusantara
Nusantara refers to the Malay (or Indonesian) archipelago, a collection of thousands of islands in Sount-East Asia. The heavy rock beat breaks into a local joget melody


Mendocino by the Sir Douglas Quintet


I’m going to opt for “Take It Easy” by the Eagles … “Standing On A Corner In Winslow, Arizona” … there’s even a statue there now to signify the song!

And, of course, “Graceland” by Paul Simon!


We were traveling from Nashville up the North East coast and on a small social network I was sharing songs themed for each area as we drove through them. John Denver Country Roads, anything Appalachian, some Jersey anything and NYC sure, then we get to Rhode Island… what song is there about anything Rhode Island?

My friends are hilarious and up to the challenge:

Died laughing at this odd R.I. song.


Amsterdam - Jacques Brel - because it needs to be here.


Here’s my favorite from Hilo, Hawai`i, written in the 1930s it won a contest to gather more songs about Hilo. This version is sung by the late George Naope, kumu hula and one of the founders of the Merrie Monarch Festival.


Brooklyn Roads by Neil Diamond


California Country by Home Free is a great song!


I’ve never been to Spain, but I imagine this would be the soundtrack should I ever visit.


Burn Hollywood Burn by Public Enemy.
Viva Las Vegas by Elvis.

To balance out the boosterism ratio.


The Beatles:
Back In The USSR
Penny Lane
Strawberry Fields
Eleanor Rigby


An obscure song penned back in 1981 by Rex Allen Jr. entitled “Arizona” which is still relevant today.




These are awesome. Thanks for all the great tunes, fkamil!


Copenhagen by Lucinda Williams. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Only sort of about the city. A song of grief for loss of a friend.

On a lighter note: the old show tune Gary Indiana and show tune Oklahoma. Just had to throw those in.


Oh man, I forgot all about that one. Good stuff. I saw TMBG at a festival moe.down and I think I remember them breezing through a bunch of them.


Forgot about Chickamuga from Uncle Tupelo. how dare I?

Alex McMurray is one of my favorite dudes. He’s a NOLA guy (by way of NJ) and has a bunch of NOLA themed tunes. You’ve Got to be Crazy (to live in this town) is one that stands out.