Additional Sources

When adding Places I noticed that the option to include Additional Sources is missing. Why is that? I believe including source material is important. While first hand knowledge of the places can be acquired by visiting these sites, much of the more intricate details can come from other other sources. It’s always best to cite these sources by providing the proper links. It’s more ethical and professional.


This was something that came up on the Discord when AO deployed the changes to the submissions process (the now-gone character limit, etc.), but the Places team said that they intend for the removal of the Sources field to be permanent.

Their suggestion was to add the links on the Know Before You Go section when submitting, and they’ll add them to the appropriate field. I agree with you on the importance of being able to add the links, so I hope they’ll reinstate that section, but for the time being, this is it.


Yea same, it just takes away from the believability of the site.

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