Advertising how AO works on FB and such

I’ve noticed that most ppl on the AO fb have no clue that the website is user sourced. A lot of them complain about little facts or mistakes and react with surprise when I tell them that they can propose fixes. Often I also see people saying, finally something from my region!

I think that you guys could get a major jump in quality and submissions of you would post a PSA saying that anyone can add and edit AO articles on your social media. You can also activate the members in areas that are not populated with places with relatively little effort.

What do you think?


Consider your word choice of “no clue.” It’s accurate, unfortunately. Education is under fire everywhere, but it’s disheartening to see so many accomplished, “educated”, well paid, privileged thirty-somes who are clueless about so much. Some issues are really complex as in diamond mining or climate change or species extinctions, but not knowing how to fact check or how to contact your own local government or why a venue can’t let you in despite empty spaces in the parking lot are all things basic to our lives we should know. Despite the world getting more cosmopolitan, we seem to appreciate less about our many types of differences. Incapable of grasping the connection between Cajun and Acadian or the relation of cause and effect.

Take heart, though. On social media, attention span is minimal. Someone who complains doesn’t really want a fix, and they don’t want an explanation. Those who kvetch that there’s nothing in their area are also not that likely to revisit. And if they do, they will have forgotten they’d been here before.

It takes some work, some organization of materials and thoughts, before a topic or topic revision gets written and posted. I’d venture that many complainers are not capable of such sustained effort. I say this not to denigrate, but as an observation of trends in communication. Internet disinhibition does actually have one inhibition and that is all communiques must be brief.

That’s a very negative view of the world. I’d at least try to post and see what happens before writing thousands of people off.