Afghan Biscuits

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05/23/20 - From Kiwi Shake & Bake in Boise. I was happily surprised by this treat, as it did not seem like something I would enjoy. Still, I think the savory pies at Kiwi are all the more worth having.

I live in Australia and we share the Anzac biscuit treat with New Zealand. They were made with oats and syrup and were originated as treats sent to our troops during WWI because of their keeping qualities. I thin Obscura needs to go to Aus and NZ to get the real story. There are many recipes online that will bear this out. Even your own Martha Stewart has a good recipe.

Ah, but this isn’t about the oaty ANZAC biscuit, but rather about the cornflakey Afghan. I’m neither Kiwi nor Aussie but I’ve spent a bit of time in both countries and my understanding is: all’s fair in debating the first origins of pavlova or the ANZAC biscuit but some things are entirely NZ as much as others are entirely Aus.

The Afghan is as definitely Kiwi as fairy bread is Aussie.