African Renaissance Monument


While this monument is politically and morally troubling, as the tallest statue in Africa, I’m consistently amazed that it exists, and that it remains relatively unknown. It’s not perfect, but it is amazing.


I grew up in Senegal and visited Dakar fairly frequently, but my mind was blown on a recent visit when I saw this statue…really distinctive landmark for sure.

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I was here a few months ago. Turns out the head of the statue is also an observation deck with incredible views of the city an the entire peninsula!


Living in the US, and loving art, I find this statue as beautiful as our Statue of Liberty… which obviously inspired these artists. And before anyone criticizes that statement, recall that the American Revolution was backed by the French royalty, but modeled by their common uprising. So while many differences are obvious, there are wonderful connections between colonial America, colonial Senegal, and post-colonial France. Connected here by North Korean artists. NO nation, or people, is perfect. But we can strive to be so. The future defines us, not the past.

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