Agra ka Petha

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I have been going crazy trying to find this in the US. Thank you so much for this piece!

I first had this in, of all places, Istanbul. We had had an amazing meal at Ciya Sofresi and even though we literally could not eat another bite, we tried some of this. This was in 2009 and it has obsessed me for 10 years. Now, at last, maybe I can find some.

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Yes, it is a popular sweet from Agra and it comes in unlimited flavors. Due to its popularity now a days there are some sub standard shops also selling petha. Some even claim it is dipped in honey instead of sugar. Please note Agra petha cant be made with honey, it can be made from sugar only.
One authentic shop is when u just come outside from tajmahal, start walking on the left for about 100 meters. It have fixed prices and displays a board also with all prices. Also there are some unknown places to visit in agra apart from TAJMAHAL.