Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area

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The directions are mostly accurate and will lead you to the large unmistakable sign. If the weather has been bad in the last week, reconsider travel because it is all dirt/clay roads that will stick a car in a second. There is a small parking lot that could fit maybe 10 cars. There was one car when I arrived and three when I left. The path is closed to motorized travel so you have to walk about a mile to the “start”. I downloaded some offline maps and trail routes to my phone (Gaia GPS), borrowed a Garmin satellite handheld, and my Garmin Forerunner watch. All maintained GPS and tracking well for the 6 miles I was out. Zero cell service the whole time. Please note that as the article states, there are no trails. The “trails” I had downloaded were probably someone else’s route they took. Keep your head up and do not become lost or find yourself in non-passable terrain. Past that, you will find a open land almost like a smaller version of Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. At the end of January, temps were in the low 60’s and dry. I saw a few birds and one rabbit, but many tracks and droppings for others. I’m assuming it was wild horses and elk mostly. As always, it’s BLM land so remember to tell someone where you are, come prepared, and don’t die because no one’s going to find you out there.