Airport Curiosities?

The super tiny airport in Thunder Bay Canada pretty much consists of a couple of rooms inside a single building. It’s very charming, and features a cozy library reading area.

Outside of Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City are four 70’ long steel arrows rusting in the sun. I smile every time I see them and envision giant cowboy and indian mecha stomping across the great plains. Add robotic mega cows and bison for flavor. :slight_smile:
[Iron Feathers - Will Rogers World Airport - Oklahoma City, OK - Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures on](http://Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City)


At first I thought you were talking about O’Hare! It also has a tunnel, with moving walk ways, between terminals, that has rainbow colors, soothing music, and frosted glass.

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Denver International Airport often has wonderful art displays. A recent addition, however, has everyone talking! Including the art!



We also have the Blue Mustang (or “Devil Horse” or “Blucifer” as locals call him) pictured here in your article, who you pass every time you arrive to DIA. Blucifer is full of local lore, some of which is even true. Like the fact the horse literally killed its maker.



A favorite airport is Provincetown, MA (PVC) at the very tip of Cape Cod. It is a one runway airport nestled in the dunes of Cape Cod National Seashore surrounded on 3 sides by the Atlantic Ocean, where they routinely have to sweep sand off the runway. The 20 minute flight from Boston in a 9-passenger Cessna feels like it just barely skims Cape Cod Bay, and tall passengers like me are often seated in the co-pilot’s seat. The view is breathtaking as the flight comes in over the beach with a view of the town, and you can often see whales and Harbor Seals in the water. Once at the airport, you can walk to Race Point Beach in 5 minutes, or take the shuttle bus or cab into town. The airport itself is tiny, basically a waiting room and the counter for Cape Air (the airline that the old sitcom Wings was based on), with only as much security as is needed for 9-person flights. There’s not even a snack bar, but who needs it when so much great food is just a few minutes way in town?

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A taxidermied polar bear at baggage claim in the Longyearbyen, Svalbard airport?


My favorite airport sculpture, 'The Spirit of Haida Gwaii–The Jade Canoe," by Canadian artist Bill Reid, in the Vancouver airport international terminal. There’s another version in the Canadian Embassy in DC, and it was on the Canadian $20 bill a few years ago too.


BWI in Baltimore has an indoor bathroom for service dogs.


In Milwaukee, after you take off your shoes and belt to go through security, put yourself back together in the “Recombobulation Area”.


Another luggage sculpture in Santiago Chile.
Wonder where they get all that luggage…


yes! i love this airport, too. i flew from P-town to Boston once when they were still flying the old DC-3. Amazing.


I love the Lord of the Rings theme at Wellington Airport in New Zealand.


Latourex I agree completely!! The first time I went through I thought the rainbow tunnel was so hokey… but after several passages through it’s become this positive, short experience–almost like eating candy. Just something to look forward to! I wish every airport had something so harmlessly pleasant. Normally I just get to look forward to good old F Terminal in Philly :frowning:

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Fly into Toronto, Ontario’s, Billy Bishop Airport and you land on an island on Lake Ontario. Get to downtown Toronto via a 90-second ferry ride!

It’s a little eerie but I’m glad it’s there. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, (along with many others in the region) has overhead closed-circuit TV monitors that show the heat print of each arriving passenger. You can look up and see your image in psychedelic colors and a number showing your temperature. It’s a health check to screen passengers for fever who might therefore be possibly infected with the highly contagious Ebola virus. Keeping the world safe, one person at a time. Leaving JKIA, car passengers are treated to wildebeest sculptures in the median.


The forest walk between Concourse A and B at Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta.


The Sunport in Albuquerque has a wall of tribute photos of all of the dogs that have worked at the airport. Makes me tear up every time I pass it.


The Changi Airport in Singapore is almost a destination in of itself. Here’s picture of the butterfly hatchery in the butterfly garden, one of many gardens through out the airport. There’s a water lily garden; sunflower garden on one of the roof tops where you can grab some snacks and watch planes among hundreds of sunflowers; a fantastic cactus garden; an orchid garden; an arrival garden…
Through out are major art works, some being interactive. Very social media friendly

And no worries about getting hungry, many unique food vendors.


The “airport” In Diomede, Alaska consists of an airstrip carved into the frozen ocean with a bulldozer. If you’re lucky, someone will meet you with a snow machine or a 4-wheeler. When the sea is not frozen, access to the village is by helicopter or boat only.


I particularly love this bamboo archway that welcomes you to the city of Salvador, right after you leave the airport (Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport). There’s one road leading in and one leading out – and yes, they’re both under individual bamboo arches. Took this picture last week from inside a moving car so… not the greatest quality!


Oh wow! This airport sounds amazing!