Alcatraz Island


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Uses for:
TV & Movie shooting
Group events.
Period piece shootings, media.
PD SWAT training area.
Radar & Nav array remote.
Income sources:
Group Use
Hostel: reuse select cells & add HDTV, etc.
Dining for guests, overnight, reuse MainPrison Mess.
Gardens for herbs, spices, vegetables
Adventure Tours?
Paranormal Tours.
Redo exterior for Living History, other locales add murals from artists.
Renovation would add heat to select cells for Hostel, dining, patio area.
Reuse armory for props, guns, etc for Guest Use.
Cabin for on site Island guide?
$$$$ for Bay area alone.
Seen in TV & movies.

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08/2010 - I had been fascinated by Alcatraz since I was very young! When I was living atop the Berkeley hills, so long as the fog was out, I could gaze out at the Bay and see the tiny dot of Alcatraz just in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

As I was a poor student, I’d always hoped some out-of-town guest would have a desire to go and offer to take me with. That never happened, so 2 days before moving to Nebraska after graduation, I took it upon myself to go.

I was not disappointed and was glad to have gone on my own so I would not annoy any companions with wanting to linger. I think I spent 6-8 hours there taking in as much as possible.

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