"All Places" map improvements

Recently I’ve been trying to visit more of the places near me as a fun weekend activity. I’m a big fan of the site but, to put it nicely, I think there’s a lot of room for UX improvement. :grin:

  • The map needs an option to color/hide markers for visited places. When I’m looking for a new place nearby to visit I waste a lot of time accidentally clicking places I’ve already been. It’s impossible to tell at-a-glance if I’ve fully explored an area.
  • I don’t really want to see markers for places which are permanently closed. At least show them in gray or something.
  • Place categories or tags would be helpful - especially if they could be used to color and filter map markers. For example: when it comes to planning a visit there’s a big difference between an outdoor sculpture I can walk by and a museum that charges admission.
  • It’d be great if I could markup/annotate places and have that reflected on the map. Simple example: differentiate places flagged “want to visit”.
  • On a more technical note: the map page performance is pretty bad :frowning:. It takes 15-20 seconds to load on my desktop. PageSpeed Insights rates the page a 6/100. I’m surprised it works on my phone at all.

In case anyone is interested: I’ve been using a TamperMonkey script to improve the page a bit for my use. It makes visited markers semi-transparent and it remembers the map location from previous visits. I didn’t see any API to load visited places so you have to visit your profile page first for it to collect that information.
Disclaimer: Don’t trust scripts from random people on the internet. If you can’t verify this yourself you probably shouldn’t install it.

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Hi @instantdelay! Thanks so much for sharing this. Your UX feedback is excellent, and in short, we agree with all of it.

You mention the page performance, and it’s been one of the main reasons we’ve hesitated to add the additional indicators you mention. (BTW, 100% agreed that showing the places you’ve been is an especially essential feature.) Happily, we think we’re going to have most of these problems solved with our app. :grinning:

Thanks again for sharing this work with the community, and know that we’re taking the feedback to heart.