All Saints' Church of Tudeley

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St. Stephen’s Kirche in Mainz, Deutschland also has beautiful Marc Chagall windows. Chagall Drafts for Famous Mainz Church Windows Displayed at Last | artnet News

I would love to see this, my next trip to England. Hopefully time will allow. We did see the Chagall stained glass at the Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. Even with the bullet pock marks, they truly are beautiful.

This article is incorrect. There are many places in the world to see Chagall stained glass windows. This church is not the “only” place. The Hadassah synagogue in Israel has 12 very famous Chagall Windows. Chagall Windows - Hadassah Ein Kerem (Jerusalem) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

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The bullet holes and marks are from the 1967 war, not the Holocaust.


Sorry for the mistake… Thank You for the correction. They were beautiful nonetheless :slight_smile:

I was confused by the wording too, but I think it means this the only place with only Chagall stained glass.

Meaning, while other churches might have Chagall windows, this is the only one where ALL the stained glass windows are by him.