Alta Vista Petroglyph Complex



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In the email headline it said
Aztec Petroglyphs”
It is not related to the Aztecs, who came along much later. Please don’t lump all Pre-Columbian artifacts and history under one civilization.


Hi Bob ,

I’m not a moderator , but after looking at the written text the only mention of Aztecs is towards the end with mention of Tlaloc and other Meso-american rain dieties. While I understand your frustration with all civilizations of the region being labeled as either Mayan or Aztec , I don’t really understand what’s wrong with the way the writer of the post referenced dieties of other civilizations.

I recently wrote an entry for a skull sun disk found at Teutihuacan and labeled it with the Mexica name for the god of the underworld, as Mictlantecuhtli. But this is actually how the artefact is known and even labeled in Mexico because we do not and will not ever know how the Teutihuacans called their god/gods of death and they share the same traits.


bobblustar, yes the word Aztec was added to the headline, and I requested that it be removed for the reasons you state; it was removed, but for some reason the word “Aztec” was automatically filled in for the email headline.


Monsieur_Mictlan, thanks for clarifying. Yes, I was drawing parallels between several Meso-American dieties from distinctly different civilizations and time periods to suggest that several of these civilizations may have shared certain mythological and cosmological features. Such features may have developed from another older civilization that may not yet have been identified but that could have influenced civilizations that arose later.


No problem David , I agree with you on that and well said :slight_smile: