American Museum of Natural History Mountain Gorilla Diorama

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Is there going to be an entry for every exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History? Asking for a friend.

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So based on the addition of more exhibit entries, I’m guessing the answer is…yes.

Hi AFI ,

Thank you for the comment and sorry for my late reply. I wrote these entries and the answer is no , contrary to what it may seem I don’t actually intend to write an entry for every single exhibit.

I only write about the taxidermy diorama exhibits that I remember seeing on my visit to the Museum (many years ago) which have important scientific, artistic , cultural and most of all conservation value. Many of these dioramas have a pretty profound significance because of the acceleration of the destruction of the natural world that has occurred since their creation.

They are in essence like artistic snapshots / time capsules of worlds that are now lost…

In my opinion, there is a great deal to learn and to see in them in this sense and so I continue writing entries about the ones that I like the most to encourage people to go and see them. Hopefully it inspires someone to go to the African and Asian halls stand in front of the dioramas and take a moment to appreciate them for their bittersweet blend of art and science , celebration and tragedy.

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