Amsterdam - Moco Museum

It was my first time visiting Amsterdam, and I’m not sure why I decided to visit during one of the coldest months of the year; but hey, not going to challenge a cheap flight!
When I first walked out of Schiphol, I was greeted by a massive, stark white billboard that had a quiet but powerful image of a clock nestled within the drapery of a wall. ‘Connecting Time’ by Daniel Arsham at Moco Museum. Hands down one of the sickest billboards I’d seen, and it was from a museum!
Luckily, when I booked online, I saw that tickets were a fraction of the door price. The next morning I went to Moco Museum, which exceeded my expectations! First, the security guys are a laugh - top guys! Museum staff was also super friendly and helpful, and not to mention, the audio tour is FREE! But bring your headphones, peeps. :wink:
Moco has a ton of works by Banksy, many I never even knew about. But I must reiterate, I came because of that billboard. So, I was keen on seeing Daniel Arsham. I have to give Moco props because they did an incredible job of displaying his work. On the ground floor, two rooms are lit from above to create the same vibe and environment that I saw in that billboard! haha
My visit to Moco Museum in Amsterdam was unlike any other museum experience. The team curates these sensational, immersive experiences, but also has enough information for you academic folk out there. Top Recommendation if you’re planning to visit Amsterdam. Moco is my new, favorite modern and contemporary museum. Go see for yourself!


@pressalastair Awesome post, we should connect! I wanted to share my review as well. I genuinely think Moco is a gem within Amsterdam and the art world.

"I first visited Moco Museum in Amsterdam during the summer. I was in the Netherlands right before Pride, so the energy around the city was electric! My girlfriends and I booked our tickets online to reserve a time slot, which worked out perfectly because we could just skip the line!

Security and staff were young and cool. I’d say the biggest draw is their “Unauthorized”, unsurpassable collection of street art by Banksy! I even have a tattoo of his Space Girl and Bird that was the album cover of my fav band Blur. The historic villa is a perfect backdrop and juxtaposition for the modern and contemporary collection of art. If street art isn’t your vibe, there’s also works from their Moco Masters: Basquiat, Warhol, Koons, KAWS, Kusama, Hirst, JR…the illustrious list goes on.

So, if you’re in the Netherlands at any point in time, Moco should be at the top of your to-do list! A super cool experiential museum without the snobby wall text. :wink: I’ll be back next summer for the new exhibitions."