"An Elusive ‘Corpse Lily’ Bloomed Larger Than Ever Before in Indonesia" Discussion Thread

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A very minor point in an otherwise great article notes use of ‘hone’ as what a fly is doing relative to a blooming Rafflesia.

‘Hone’ is to sharpen or to whet. For example, ‘I honed my axe.’ More figuratively: ‘I honed my evaluations of Expressionist paintings.’

‘Home’ is to locate and move on a destination or target. It comes from ‘homing’ pigeons, which removed from home and released will go aloft, get oriented thru Earth’s magnetic field, and return where they were taken from. It is also said of a heat-seeking missile that homes in on the hot exhaust of jet engines.

Also, if it’s endemic to Borneo, what’s it doing in Sumatra? Has it been introduced or something?