Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake

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Multiple visits between 2000-2006.

Locals like to complain about the stench from the brine shrimp and the annoying flies out here, but Antelope Island always represented a bit of mystery and wonder to me. Also it was fun to float in the Salt Lake. I have not been out since the Lake has receded so dramatically.

I’m from Salt Lake, and the stink… is real.

I love the American West, but had never spent any time in Salt Lake City and environs, so I made a special trip in June of last year to rectify that lapse, seeing the city, the Wasatch Range, and, of course, the Lake. I had minimal expectations for Antelope Island, but drove out there on a sunny late afternoon and I was truly enchanted by the place. Yes, it was stinky while crossing the causeway, but once on the island, there was very little of that. What I got was a marvelous zen experience with the starkly beautiful land and lakescapes, buffalo roaming on the east side, flocks of birds, and an interesting ranch and buildings to wander through. Miles-wide beaches held human and buffalo tracks crossing each other, and I really had the island entirely to myself in most places. Now, I will make a point of coming here again.
You can see some of my photos here:


A desert island on a receding lake.

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