Any good travel books for Belgium?

Hey all! Does anyone know of any good travel books/guides specifically about Belgium?

Iā€™m going there on erasmus from february 2020 to september 2020 and I like to bring a good guide with me on long-term travels. Thanks for the recommendation guys!:grinning::grin:


The LPguide is ok for most cities.
In which city are you doing your Erasmus ?

Iā€™m going to Antwerp for Erasmus.
Oh yeah I might get the Belgium & Luxembourg one but it might be kind of mainstream :roll_eyes: . Still a really good guide, I used the Berlin one a lot when I stayed there for a few weeks.

You can find these websites of several cities.
Iā€™m sure there will be a lively Erasmus community there.
Enjoy the beers and the chocolates !

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Awesome! Thanks for the sites and will do :beers::chocolate_bar::heart_eyes: