AO memberships for contributors? Or at least no ads?

I wanted to bring up the recent changes when it comes to memberships for AO. I completely understand that you guys want money, and that these times are hard for you and everyone. However, it really does not feel pleasant if I get a popup asking me to help out with the site, literally after submitting a spot or making an edit.

I think that there are more ways to contribute besides in a monetary way, but the way that it is set up right now really feels like you guys do not agree.

From what I can see, a membership is less ads (including the popup) and discounts on trips. Do you think that there could be some kind of light membership that at least kills the pop-up for people who submit places? (Or get them accepted)

You could give a month per place or give a certain time if they hit a certain mark. 10,50,100 etc. I think that this would help the people who spend time submitting articles to the site feel more appreciated and incite people to submit places. Which would be a win-win I think.

The discounts on trips are nice, but I don’t think that you would have to offer them in this case. I doubt that anyone submitting here is in it for the perks.


If I’m not mistaken @CoolCrab has submitted 200+ places? No brainer to reward your biggest contributors with a VIP ad-free experience.


They sent me an email asking for money, if I contribute I will see less ads? I sent them a message back asking why would I want to pay to see ads at all? I don’t see any now (UBlock Origin).

Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile: I meant this more as a thing for all contributors though.
I think that anyone who contributes a published place should not get requests for monetary help immediately after submitting. Maybe give them a week or a month of pro for each spot, or choose people who are active. I think that there is much to gain for both sides.

And @bratface23 the problem for me with adblock is that it takes out the maps. I personally don’t even mind the banners on the site, the popup is the worst for me.

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Takes out the maps? I don’t have any problem seeing maps.

Hey @CoolCrab. You’re right. We should be less demanding from contributors who have already given us so much. The team here has discussed gifting memberships to our top contributors, there are just some nuances to it we’re still working out. I hope to have more details soon. (Sorry, hate to sound like a broken record.)

Sidenote: A couple weeks ago we stopped showing a membership pop-up to all readers, but we’re still showing one to people who use adblock. Is that the one to which you’re referring?


That sounds great! Looking forward to what you guys come up with.

I indeed have not seen the popup since I posted this. I usually don’t use adblock on the site, so I am not familiar with that popup. But just tried it and I see what you mean.

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