AO suggestion: linked entries

Looking back on a couple of my entries, I’ve realized that they would benefit from some sort of system that allows one to directly link AO entries between each other. ‘A Canine Connection’, for example, is a sculpture that denotes the connection between Edinburgh, Scotland and San Diego as sister cities. They both have celebrity dogs and each has a sculpture of the other’s.

With that in mind, I figured if there were AO entries for all 4 sculptures of Greyfriars Bobby and Bum, they could be linked somehow into some sort of macro-entry. Maybe individual entries would not be needed and a single entry could somehow have pictures and smaller texts about all 4.

Same goes for the statue of the Lebanese Migrant, the original of which is in Mexico City but has copies elsewhere in the country as well as Australia, Canada and Lebanon itself. If implemented, a feature like this could also be useful for locations like museums which have individual entries for notable items and features in their collections and buildings.

This would also have to be more “connective” than the current tags system. While I could theorically find all 4 Bum/Bobby sculptures by navigating the “dogs” tag, there would be many other unrelated dog entries in between. From editing notes and comments on the forums, I think that AO currently aims for a “one entry per item” system, but I still thought the suggestion might have some aspects to be considered.

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Hey @linkogecko, hanks for the well-articulated suggestion, it’s a great idea. We’re long wanted to find ways to make our database entries more intricately linked, nested, and connected, and many of the things you suggest are great ideas. Instituting sweeping changes to the structure of our Place pages is a pretty huge project, but we’re looking at making some changes to the database, and they could include things like the interconnection you mention, so thank you for the feedback!

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Another suggestion: I’ve recently realized that the “Top Cities” section in the homepage features cities like Budapest, with 44 entries.

Edinburgh, with 99 entries, is not featured on the section. I think it would make more sense to have the Top Cities section work like a leaderboard, featuring the cities with most AO entries.

Sure, there’s a risk of certain cities being pumped with entries to make it there, but I would imagine those clear spamming cases to be relatively easy to vet.

Same case as the post above seems to be going on with the "top countries’. Netherlands has 250+ entries, while China has 190.

I think that the top cities/coubtries have to do with actual travel number and SEO.

One more suggestion.

Considering how many food entries, as well as entries for not-obscure attractions, film locations, restaurants that are part of chains and etc. are still on the website despite not falling into the newer standards for entries, maybe those sorts of pages could be marked as “legacy” ones.

A disclaimer could explain that the current AO submission standards no longer accept those kinds of entries, but these remain online as a tribute to the original writers and their efforts.

Is it confirmed that foods are no longer a thing?

I had a food submission rejected a few months ago and I vaguely remember the response was something like “we are now shifting the focus of Gastro Obscura away from foods and into food locations”.

My memory isn’t too good on the exact phrase but I took to mean food entries were going to be mostly rejected from that point.

That would be sad, I’ve used the foods page a lot during my travels to look for good stuff. A random restaurant is much harder to track down.
I wish they would reply to it. It seems like the mods abandoned the forums all-together.

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Hey @CoolCrab @linkogecko The new shift in Gastro will almost focus entirely on places to eat and drink, unless its an extremely rare, rare dish. Such as with this moose cheese. Another good example of the Gastro approach going forward is this soup that has been brewing for more than 45 years. Going forward we won’t be publishing foods exclusively as in the past, except for those exceptions that a truly one of a kind. There will be some guidelines out soon to help better detail what makes a good entry going forward. But I can say for certain individual foods wont be featured as prominently. I hope this helps you guys out with any confusion and sorry for the delay, but thats pretty much the nuts and bolts going forward.

Hey Jon,

I had some questions about this in the feedback thread.

What if a food is special for the country or region but not restaurant? Like eisbock in Germany or the barraqito from the canaries, bread popcicles, hagelsag etc? There won’t be a restaurant to peg to them, but they can be really cool foods.

Does one add a random store? For example, there is cart that sells reindeer kebab. I’d say the kebab is interesting, the cart is not really.

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@CoolCrab In speaking with the folks at Gastro it would be best to wait until the guidelines are posted, then go from there as this could be a case by case situation. Hope this helps some.

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I’ve notices that many entries now have a line under the title if they are located in a museum, for example. Just wanted to say this is a really good idea although I’ve noticed a few cases still missing.

In point, some are still missing from Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology:

As well as the National University of Mexico’s Ciudad Universitaria campus:

As well as Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland:

Once again, I think this has been a great addition. As it’s quite new, I’m sure it’s a work in progress but I just thought I’d contribute some feedback.

@linkogecko Thanks a bunch for the compliments and feedback, it’s truly appreciated! Yes, this is an ongoing process so we are still on the hunt for these places in the Atlas, so I will certainly make sure these get updated. We hope that it helps our community better know where to find these unique items quickly. Thanks again!

Definitely looking forward to the new updates and seeing how entries will be organized together going forward.

In the meantime, without “linked” entries yet I’ve decided to make the most of the lists feature and thought I’d share what I’ve come up with so far: