AO suggestion: linked entries

Looking back on a couple of my entries, I’ve realized that they would benefit from some sort of system that allows one to directly link AO entries between each other. ‘A Canine Connection’, for example, is a sculpture that denotes the connection between Edinburgh, Scotland and San Diego as sister cities. They both have celebrity dogs and each has a sculpture of the other’s.

With that in mind, I figured if there were AO entries for all 4 sculptures of Greyfriars Bobby and Bum, they could be linked somehow into some sort of macro-entry. Maybe individual entries would not be needed and a single entry could somehow have pictures and smaller texts about all 4.

Same goes for the statue of the Lebanese Migrant, the original of which is in Mexico City but has copies elsewhere in the country as well as Australia, Canada and Lebanon itself. If implemented, a feature like this could also be useful for locations like museums which have individual entries for notable items and features in their collections and buildings.

This would also have to be more “connective” than the current tags system. While I could theorically find all 4 Bum/Bobby sculptures by navigating the “dogs” tag, there would be many other unrelated dog entries in between. From editing notes and comments on the forums, I think that AO currently aims for a “one entry per item” system, but I still thought the suggestion might have some aspects to be considered.

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Hey @linkogecko, hanks for the well-articulated suggestion, it’s a great idea. We’re long wanted to find ways to make our database entries more intricately linked, nested, and connected, and many of the things you suggest are great ideas. Instituting sweeping changes to the structure of our Place pages is a pretty huge project, but we’re looking at making some changes to the database, and they could include things like the interconnection you mention, so thank you for the feedback!

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