Applecross Pass

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This view from the top is awesome and was a key destination for our motorcycle trip, check your ego before going up because the warning sign is an understatement. Anyone with a caravan or trailer will regret starting up this road. It is really a one lane road (locals call this "single track) with little pullouts every so often that allow two way traffic if you learn the driving protocol first Scotfax: Driving Single Track Roads on Undiscovered Scotland There are extremely tight hairpins cut into rocks on one side and steep drops on the other! We witnessed two cars try passing a pullout only to come face to face with the oncoming car, both had no option except to back down around the hairpin and then wait a turn by the pullout like everyone else.

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The views from the road are astonishing, although the driver cannot fully enjoy except the viewpoint on the top.
It is not that difficult to drive this road if you are patient and allow other drivers to do their turn in the hairpins. The caravans and small trucks have a more difficult task, sometimes failing in their first attempt and having to maneuver.
Applecross town is very lovely, and the Inn is always a place to be visited, with excellent food.

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