Arctic Circle Marker

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But if the Oscillation of the Earth’s tilt is changing, doesn’t that also affect the length of the days as well? Wouldn’t it also affect the seasons?

Depends on how you view the changes. If you moved with the ball and stayed on the arctic circle then the changes in day length would be really small. If you stayed on the same spot, not moving with the arctic circle, the day length changes would be bigger, though in the human lifespan would not be very great. Earth is not a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid (flatter at the poles and bulging towards the equator) and has superimposed on this shape has areas of greater mass that tend to bulge a bit, plus changes in ice sheets etc. makes changes in global topography. So depending on where you are, both latitude and longitude will affect the rate of day length change, albeit in small amounts. Seasons depend on rate of rotation which is changing really really slowly. Though of course warmer or colder weather can make make seasons seem longer. If you use the equinoxes and solstices as markers they do not change significantly,