Are there Free meetup places in stockholm?

hi there,

i planto run a film making community here in stockholm and looking to collaborate with people and locations for professional and amateur film makers and ethusiasts to meetup to discuss and create films around stockholm. i have been in
volved with the worldwide group and the cell in Singapore for sometime, the obective is simple, to create films fast, to learn and network. the community is quite a large oneand have over 70 cells around the world. here are the ist of cells in the world - interestingly there is no such group here in stockholm, so i decided to start one here for filmakers to join and create films in stockholm. butwe need a space we can regularly meet. personally i was involved in films in Singapore and have experiences, in front and behind the camera.

1 does anyone know any organisations, co-workking spaces, museums that are willing to collaborate with groups like these?
2. any other suggestions ?

You could try fotografiska and I know that there are a few ‘work at home’ spaces scattered across the city. Other then that I can’t help you i’m afraid.