Armchair travel to Paris

Hello, oddball travel lovers!

I’m one of the co-creators of a podcast and web site called ‘Strong Sense of Place.’ Our new season starts today, and I thought y’all might be interested in our new episode which is all about Paris.

On the show, we pick one destination in the world and talk about why it’s different than anywhere else, then we recommend books that took us there on the page. It’s especially nice now that travel IRL is on a bit of a hold.

You can find the Paris podcast wherever you get your podcasts, or listen on our site at Strong Sense of Place: SSoP Podcast Episode 13 — Paris: It's Always a Good Idea. You can also see the other 11 destinations we’re covering this season right here --> Strong Sense of Place: The Strong Sense of Place Podcast: Season Two Launches 24 August

If you have must-cover topics or must-read book suggestions for any of our other destinations for the season, all suggestions are welcome.

I hope you’ll check it out and find something you like!


I would have signed up until I noticed that “y’all” in your note. Melissa, you did not grow up in an environment in which y’all was common speech. You adopted it because you think it’s hip. Have you also adopted–‘appropriated’ is more accurate-- IMMA and BE LIKE?

You’re not even consistent: if Y’ALL were natural to you, you’d have used in 4 other places in your message. The inconsistency betrays your pretension. Surely you can find a better way to demonstrate your hipness?

And by the bye, it’s ‘different FROM’ not ‘than.’

You are correct! I grew up in Pennsylvania, but also lived in several other cities in the US and Europe, including Austin, Texas — for 13 years — where I seemed to have picked up ‘y’all’ and ‘bless her heart,’ as they make their way into my writing and speech sometimes.

It’s probably a good idea for you to avoid our podcast. If this small bit of my writing wasn’t to your liking, you will not enjoy our show. But thanks for your input.