Atlas Obscura-esque podcasts?



As @dylan mentioned above, we’re working on a few podcast projects at the moment! Keep your ears peeled!


Here is a good one I discovered recently , its free and absolutely fascinating


If you are a fan of history (which I assume most Atlas subscribers are) then Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast is fantastic. His sessions on the Mongols vs Everybody, Persians vs Greece (King of Kings series), and Romans vs Celts are particularly wonderful.


Plus all this good stuff


This is such a lovely podcast. So earnest and weird!


Gastropod is certainly a great podcast about the history and science behind food, their episode Museums and the Mafia: The Secret History of Citrus is a very interesting one, but its well worth just starting from the beginning and listening through all of them.


Hand’s down this:

RIP @kurtbraunohler’s K Ohle’s “Get Lost” segment. I think it was what introduced me to this wonderful website. Also- turns out he’s kinda funny.


Seriously. Love Kurt Braunohler and that podcast!


He toured and shockingly stopped over in my 1 clydesdale town, it was great! Too bad movie stardom and having a child have gotten in the way of questionably safe urban spelunking!


No Such Thing As A Fish


This looks right up my alley.


Since I don’t think anyone has mentioned it


For anyone into desert weirdness—namely the deserts of the American Southwest and specifically the Mojave—Ken Layne’s Desert Oracle podcast is a must (it’s also a small magazine too!)


Best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It covers a pretty wide variety of strange topics.


One more for all the cryptid fans out there:

I recently binge-listened to Wild Thing, a podcast about the search for Bigfoot, and was captivated throughout the series.

The series touches on anthropology, contemporary DNA testing, Bigfoot tourism, Native American folklore, and on and on. 10/10, would Bigfoot again.


This isnt really a podcast , but I love this youtube channel and its content


I agree with this poster; No Such Thing As A Fish is reallly good with several topics in every episode, of which there are currently over 250 available.


Discovered this one yesterday and was listening to a couple of episodes while working , might be of interest to check out.


I have been a Mysterious Universe Plus member for 4 years. I love it but it is an acquired taste for sure: inter-dimensional sasquatch, time slips, the oz-factor, man in black stories … if you are open to entertain the notions, this show is awesome. It certainly widened my horizon and I love it for that.


You had me at “inter-dimensional sasquatch.”