Atlas Obscura-esque podcasts?


This one is definitely going on my list.

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Okay I’ve got two new ones:

They could benefit from doing a bit more research before diving in (and I die a little every time they say “la llorona”) but they seem like really good guys and their banter always makes me laugh.

And here’s a Choose Your Own Adventure fiction pod for fans of Nightvale:



Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry is a good one, I think most people here would like the topics and depth brought out by subject experts.

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I can’t recommend Mysterious Universe enough. I’ve been listening to this podcast for over 10 years (started on my pre-iPod, Creative Zen) and they’re still churning out entertaining stories of the weird and unexplained in a conversational/fun tone that combines skepticism alongside full-blown belief.

Mysterious Universe is the best alternative to those flashlight-under-the-chin, silly-voice, spook story podcasts that seem to be popular at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, they do a little of that too. It’s a good mix of weird content and credible delivery. Check it out!

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This was a really interesting podcast I just listened to that I have a feeling might be of interest to Obscurians. A very different angle to the whole Jack the Ripper thing , a more human side. Hallie is such a brilliantly talented historian.

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I was listening to this and felt I had to share it , very Atlas Obscura-esque , I was slightly uncomofortable with the mention of the siege of the Alcazar de Toledo and the way that the interviewee seemed to be approving of the fascists , but I might have misinterpreted his comments. Apart from that , a good podcast.


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