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Man, I remember these as a kid. We lived in Montclair for a few years. I the summers we would goad the folks into hauling us out to Bond’s foe an Awful-awful or two. It was out near Paramus I think. Back when Paramus was tomato fields and not malls. A looonngg time ago.


I grew up in Upper Montclair, NJ, in the 1960s, and Bond’s on Valley Road was where I had many Awful Awfuls. They also served good hamburgers and the best cole slaw I’ve ever eaten, made with sour cream. It’s nice to see that Newport Creamery has kept the Awful Awful logo exactly the same.


Bonds was a bicycle ride from my grammar school Edgemont in Montclair and after school we would sometimes bicycle to Bonds for an Awful Awful …
I can tasteyhem now as I write this
Strawberry and Chocolate were my favorites


In Reno NV the Aweful Aweful is the signature burger of the Little Nugget Diner. Does anyone know if there is a relation to drinks from back east?


Growing up in Glen Ridge, I remember Bonds well. My three older brothers were frequent visitors as I recall. Bonds had an ongoing Awful, Awful contest. Drink two and your third one was free! I recall my brother Albert successfully taking up the challenge. :slight_smile:


I grew up in Glen Ridge and Bond’s in Montclair was a hangout. The burgers were fabulous and the Awful Awfuls great. I would otder mint chip. Of course, you couldn’t drink that with a straw. I actually live in Rhode Island now and occasionally have an Awful Awful at Newport Creamery. It may be the ice cream, or just nostalgia, but thet are not quite the same.

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I stand corrected. My brother informed me that he had to drink three Awful Awfuls in order to get the fourth one free! :slight_smile:

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In one of my favorite teen novels, a 15-year-old girl drank 3 Awful-Awfuls to gain the attention of a boy she liked, but that novel was set in New Hampshire in 1955. (Her ploy worked. He asked her out on a date.) I’ve wondered over the years if the concoction was a real thing…