Bahia Lapataia at the End of the World

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Prudhoe Bay is at the far north end of Alaska. It is the north end of the road.

Great story, and beautiful photos. Text should probably be corrected to “19,000 kilometers” instead of “miles.”

It’s actually neither. It should be 1,900 miles, or approximately 3,000 kilometers.

Since the highway starts in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, I believe it’s a typo on the email description. Google says it’s ~18,640 miles in length.

So 19,000 miles is about right; that seems to suggest that the National Park sign, which says it’s 17,848 kilometers to Alaska is wrong – unless that’s an “as the crow flies” distance rather than driving distance, in which case about 11,000 miles from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska seems about right – a little less than half the distance of the circumference of the earth, which is about 25,000 miles. (That’s why 19,000 miles seemed too long for the Pan-American Highway – except the route is decidedly not a straight one.)