Baker Archaeological Site

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I have explored this area for 42 yearsā€¦ it is fascinatingšŸ‘ I have explored many areas in northern Nevada. There is an area about 250 miles northwest of Baker that has me baffled. There, I have seen structures made with carved petrified woodā€¦ I have been with the local Native Americans thereā€¦ the last time I suggested a Scientific examination (to local ā€˜prominentā€™ geologists -33 years ago) of these ancient structures, I was told no one was interested in this, it has already been studied and determined to be a natural volcanic vestigešŸ¤”ā€¦ I attempted to see the area again 12 years ago and found no way into the area because of governmental closures due to a reforestation program. I asked some longtime locals about this, they told me all the surrounding lands to this area had been sold to private interests ? I also asked the local Native Americans about this, they believed the US Government bought the land from themā€¦( long boring story there) after 4 years of studying this I found this is BLM land ! ? OK ?..but it is inaccessible to the public because of private property rights surrounding this land. I have since found out these private properties are owned by out of U.S. mining corporationsā€¦ that are owned by wealthy men born in this country ! These ancient sites I have seen will probably be bulldozed over and never be known to the publicā€¦SADšŸ˜¢ Iā€™m glad the Baker site is being acknowledgedā€¦ there must not be any $s for the greedy in them hillsšŸ˜’