Barcelona recommendations


Traveling to Barcelona in the early spring…recommendations for offbeat things to see or do?


What are you interested in? I live in Barcelona.


Definitely check out the Joan Miró Foundation, and don’t miss (or inhale at) the Calder Mercury Fountain.


We like creepy, obscure, odd. We will definitely go to the hearse museum. Are there any catacombs in Barcelona?


You might find some eerie places at the Gothic Quarter. Actually, when we were in Barcelona, I enjoyed going over to Mercat Santa Caterina, across Via Laitana from the Gothic Quarter, lots of locals, not so many tourists. Besides, we rented a scooter at Vesping Barcelona scooter rental so that we could see as much of the city as possible. And I recently learnt that you can also rent an electric car. A pretty interesting way to explore the city. Also, we visited neighbouring towns like Rupit and Besalu; it feels like time there froze and you are in medieval Spain. Here’s an interesting discussion on all these towns and villages


Seeing Barcelona by scooter seems like an ideal way to experience the city!


Given your interests, I would definitely visit Montjuïc. In Catalan, the place name is literally “Mountain of the Jews” or “Jewish Mountain,” so-called because a Jewish cemetery used to be located there. The views of the city are absolutely incredible (you can get a clear view of the Mediterranean), and there would be tons to do. There’s parks, gardens, and it would seem that you would like the Montjuïc Castle and the Montjuïc Cemetery. The top of the hill can be reached by a funicular. Also, if you’re interested, Montjuïc has a lot of the buildings and athletic facilities from when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympics. The Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc, which hosted the diving events, is now a public pool that is open in the summer months, and routinely gives the world iconic action shots such as this. All the best, I hope you enjoy your time there!