Beale's Cut

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34°21’21.1"N 118°30’27.8"W

There’s an Open Space area here. Parking is right off the highway, but totally legal. There’s not much parking, just a heads up. When you enter through the green gate, you’ll walk and to your left, there will be the entrance to the Open Space, but don’t go there, keep going straight. You’ll end up and a sketchy looking area full of fallen buildings and abandoned roads. If you use your phone, Google Maps is good at pointing you in the right direction. I don’t want to take away the fun of actually finding it, but this is the easiest way of getting there. Not a difficult hike/walk, but I would probably go during the day and with someone else. There’s tons of burned cars and trailers, so who knows who hangs out there. Hope this helps!

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03/08/2021 - It appears I took the opposite approach as Josephine. Thus I did not encounter fallen buildings nor burned-out cars and trailers. There is a chain-link fence ostensibly blocking access, but it seemed to be this is primarily to deter motor vehicles and dumpers. An obvious foot path leads around the fence, and in the absence of any signage prohibiting trespassing, I followed it up the canyon. There is plenty of detritus in the area. Bring a trash bag if you are so inclined; I picked up what I could until my pockets and hands were full.