Berkeley Mystery Walls

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I have done a little work running the satellite view of the rock walls on the Sutter Buttes. To me and many other peopl eI have shown this too, we all see geoglyphs. We see a figure with horns, possible constellations, a mammoth and many other figures.



Is the potential Mammoth connected to the thin jut of wall that is at about 2:30 if they circular Buttes were a clock? I.e., that jut would be a tusk in profile.


rock%20line%20man mammoth2

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The horned guy is a over a mile tall


The Bay Curious podcast has a great episode on the walls. They provide a possible explanation that is not as exciting as others, but the walls remain a mystery.

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OK, it appears this β€œwall” and associated construction is not dated. Is there any way to tell if this grouping of rocks was present before the last Ice Age; from the previous Interglacial period?
Glacial-Interglacial Cycles