Bernadette and her not so incorrupt body

I have read a number of books about the girl and her so called visions. First, she never called the lady the Virgin Mary, that was her mothers doing. She called it in her native tongue “aquero” thing.
She was the only person to see the apparition, or to talk to it. It went into the near by cave to hide.
It never touched the ground, but floated in a tree. It was very small and dressed in what could be called a space suit. It spoke mentally to Bernadette, not verbally.
Where she observed the lady was a trash dump into which soiled and bloody bandages were burned.
She was told to eat the grass that was around the cave. Also to dig a hole in the ground with her hands and wipe it on her face.
Does that sound like a heavenly being to you? Her story of the events were changed many times by her confessor. Why was she then put into a convent? The lady (sic) never mentioned where she came from. the Bible warns us not to believe in visions, but challenge them to see where they come from.