Best exploration / adventure songs


I had no idea it was a travelogue. Cueing it up!

  1. Location - Khalid
  2. Careful What You Pack - They Might Be Giants
  3. Pitchfork Kids - AJR
  4. Midwestern States - The Menzingers
  5. Vacation - The Dirty Heads
  6. Dymaxion Chronofile - The Driftless Pony Club
  7. Tokyo - The Wombats
  8. Ways To Go - Grouplove
  9. How Far I’ll Goo - Moana
  10. Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

Depending on my mood, I can go for songs with vocals or just instrumental music. Just a warning, I have very eclectic tastes. There’s more but here’s a sampling.

Amélie (Soundtrack) - Yann Tiersen
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Fire And Rain - James Taylor
Return to Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins
A Lifetime - Better Than Ezra
Sailing - Christopher Cross
Sunshine - Gabrielle
Out of Reach - Gabrielle
Hold On - Wilson Phillips
Back Pocket - Vulpeck
Budapest - George Ezra
May Be - Yiruma
Kiss The Rain - Yiruma
River Flows in You - Yiruma
Dies Irae - Sting
Here Comes The Sun - Beatles
Hiraeth (Welsh Folk Song) - Meredydd Evans
Three Shades of Blue - Paul Whiteman


Great playlist! There’s lots of Moana love over here.

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Anything with Phil Collins, sue me, he’s a songbird lol


Lately its been this one :

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Adding this one to my collection now!

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Jain - Makeba (Dirty Ridin’ Remix)
Sofi Tucker - Drinkee
Kate Bush - Keep Running Up That Hill
Nitty Scott - La Diaspora
Sons of Kemet - My Queen Is Harriet Tubman
Goat - Gathering of Ancient Tribes
Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room
CAN - Vitamin C
Anna von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra
Dr. John - Walk On Gilded Splinters
Marlon Williams - What’s Chasing You
Allah-Lahs - Long Journey
The Specials - Ghost Town
The Jam - Trans-Global Express
I find a lot of good stuff on BBC6, I’m a regular listener of Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone… very atlasy, or shall we say, obscurian?


Aaaaa I love Kate Bush ! In fact I’ve kind of been in love with her since I was a kid and first saw the Wuthering heights music video and heard the song

I’ve always thought that her music has this kind of almost shamanic quality to it I think if she had been born in Ancient Greece she would have been one of the high priestesses of the oracle of Delphi or the Eleusinian mysteries.


I was just ranting about Kate Bush to my coworkers the other day! She’s incredible.


@Monsieur_Mictlan your playlist looks like my playlist! :raised_hands:

One more song: Metric’s cover of “Under the Milky Way”.

@thomasharper I haven’t tried them myself, but one of my colleagues recommends bone conduction headphones that do not cover the ears. I don’t hear her music, but she hears me. :slight_smile:

I still use over-ear headphones when I’m feeling comfortable enough with my surroundings, but ones that allow me to adjust how much external sound passes through.


Will check out the cover you mention as I love the original by “Church”


Totally agree , she certainly is. I love all her stuff but I guess my favourites are “Army dreamers” (guess this one is my ultimate favourite), “Cloudbusters” , and “Sensual world”.

Plus “50 words for snow” was just such an incredible concept album and it came so unexpectedly kind of like a blizzard or snow storm or whatever.


“Hammer Horror”!!! And that “Baboushka” video…


Of late this has been on my play list in memory of the late and great firestarter , love the prodigy, the lyrics, and I remember as a kid when the video was banned. Looking at the video now it almost seems quaint and Victorian that it was banned. How times change… Plus the tunnel looks kind of like it should be in the Atlas


Canned Heat - On the Road Again


Follow Me by John Denver

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Depending on where you’re going, some of the songs feel more like a night drive, some more fit for city versus rural, darker vs positive, upbeat vs laidback, lots of different vibes but all songs I enjoy (And lots of different languages!)
Right Place, Wrong Time- Dr. John
Svefn-g-englar- Sigur Ros
Roundabout- Yes
Miarches- Forest Swords
Run Overdrive- Civil Civic
A Minha Menina- Os Mutantes
Fly Like An Eagle- Steve Miller Band
Cler Achel- Tinariwen
Ampersand- Kithkin
волны- Molchat Doma
Sam Gellaitry’s Escapism EPs


I love Os Mutantes !

♪ Ela é minha menina
E eu sou o menino dela
Ela é o meu amor
E eu sou o amor todinho dela ♪


I thought I’d revisit this topic since it’s been a while. Thank you all for such great recommendations and suggestions - they have spawned a great many playlists for a great many long drives.

I was recently got turned on to the album “Strange Trails” by Lord Huron and thought I’d give it a mention here. As near as I can tell, it has become my ideal exploration album. At least for the time being.