Best exploration / adventure songs


I thought I’d throw my own YouTube playlist, aptly titled ‘Adventure Music’, into the mix. I’m also one of those who travel to the sound of videogame and movie OSTs, so I hope you are ready for a lot of Uncharted songs (probably half of the playlist is comprised of Naughty Dogs’ great franchise).
Other videogames and movies in this playlist are, for example, Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Samurai, Indiana Jones, Stardust, Final Fantasy, Onimusha, Medal of Honor, and The Elder Scrolls.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :slight_smile:


Definitely not this!

Never ends


Oh no. Not this. Anything but this.

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I haven’t thought about this song for years. Thank you!

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LOVE video game music for exploring tunes!

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Jeff Buckley-so much nostalgia in his work. :broken_heart:

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… I will not be able to get this song out of my head today.
This is the song that never-- damn it!


Anything but that? How about this?

Image is a link, click on it


It just goes on and on, my friend…

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I guess, I just have to listen to more Uncharted songs then… :slight_smile:

What I also just remembered was the one time I was listening to the entire concert of ‘Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - Studio Ghibli 25 years’, while on a trek in the Langtang Valley in Nepal.

Usually, I prefer to “be aware of my environment” as thomasharper wrote a while back, especially while in the Himalayan mountains, but it was a cold, miserable, and foggy day through dense jungle, and there wasn’t that much to see. So, in order to distract myself a bit and get my heart all warm and fuzzy, I listened to the concert… and once I was done I followed it up with the entirety of the Lord of the Rings symphony.

ps. If your favorite Ghibli movie is ‘Princess Mononoke’ then we can be best friends.


Studio Ghibli! LOTR! :heart_eyes:

Alas, my favourite is Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, which I watched as a wee bairn and it started my love for Hayao Miyazaki, which, appropriately enough, was also the genesis of Ghibli. A close second is Spirited Away.

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@benni If you dig video game soundtracks as exploration music, you might really dig Dungeon Synth. I’ve talked about it before, but I will never stop. Dungeon Synth Forever.


TIL: It’s been a long since since I’ve listened to anything by The Melvins.


Oh, I love Nausicaä as well. If I had to make a Top 5 of Ghibli movies it would probably be:

  1. Princess Mononoke
  2. The Castle in The Sky
  3. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  4. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  5. Spirited Away

Joe Hisaishi is a master composer and I like to compare his relationship with Hayao Miyazaki to the one Steven Spielberg fosters with John Williams.
Hisaishi also composed great soundtracks for the two Ni No Kuni games, which, in order to come back to the actual topic, are a perfect fit for listening on an adventure as well.


Oh, wow, that is some quality music! It kind of reminds me of the OSTs you would hear in an old Might & Magic or Dungeons & Dragons game. Sorry, for all the video game references, but if I’m not out in the actual world, I’m in one of those.
But thanks for link, Eric! I will now have to reinstall ‘Heroes of Might & Magic 3’.

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Lately its been this track , find it just so evocative of travel and other things for some reason


I meant to post this the other day, but this is also huge news for fans of exploration/video game music:


Postcards from Italy by Beirut. Not about travel based on the lyrics, but something about the rhythm makes me want to explore.


Love the whole Gulag Orkestar album :grinning:

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I loved Beirut’s “March of the Zapotecs” , excellent album